Friday, August 21, 2015

Creation Of This Blog

Space may be the final frontier
Today(August 21, 2015) while taking a shower, i was listening to music like usual (i guess that is something i picked up from my dad) the song Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This one line in the song "space may be the final frontier" sparked a thought in my mind that contradicted that statement.

Space is something that we have not fully explored however, we know it is possible in practice. Famous words of a great Scientist "In theory practice is the same as theory, but not in practice". However, Time is not something we can explore in practice or at least so we think. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist but its possible if u think about it. Therefore, i conclude Time is the final frontier and not Space.

Now the second part: "but it's made in a hollywood basement" - Just a fact that shows how far humanity has come on the technology frontier that we can simulate space in a studio here on earth. To that point, Most of the population has not really seen space from space so it could be a whole bunch of bull and no one is the wiser.

Here is how the context created above lead to the creation of this blog:

A friend of mine, his girl and I went to dinner and I brought up this thought. It lead to a very interesting discussion at the end of which he suggested I start writing this stuff down. So here we are.

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