Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thrill is in the chase

Thrill is in the chase:

In the olden days, hunting was more a means to feeding the family. Today hunting is more a sport than a means of acquiring your next meal.

Taking that into consideration, upon reflection this applies to a lot of things and we shall discuss that another time.

As for the thrill of the chase, it is the same as saying it is about the journey and not the destination. Chasing something is the journey and achieving/capturing the goal/target is the destination. While that is great, the point I am trying to make is we enjoy the part where we chase things and this has been reflected in all the movies today where its always about someone trying to achieve something and that is what we are paying to watch. Once they achieve it the movie ends and we may or may not be left wanting more. Now coming back to the hunting example.

During the hunt you are looking for footprints, droppings, broken twigs, depressed grass etc, u no the whole tracking thing. That is way more interesting, then of course there is the actual act of capturing the target which is even more intense. Once the capture has occurred you are now looking to hunt again because, you want to enjoy the hunt.

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