Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pieces of a puzzle

The interesting part about a puzzle is u dont know what it is until u actually solve it. Each piece of the puzzle is equally important since without all the pieces u dont get to see the whole picture. On the contrary, each piece on its own means nothing if it is not part of the whole puzzle.

In the same way, if u think of life as a whole that is ur complete picture. Each memory/experience is a piece of the puzzle and each piece in turn is a puzzle of its own since a memory is comprised of associated values for our 5 senses. Eg: If u only had a scent without anything associated with it u would not care about it.


  1. Part makes the whole,
    A Whole has no meaning without the parts.
    The whole comes to surface
    When carts of parts are put together

    Parts need to be seen in the light of imagination
    Imagination is what fuels the completion of the puzzle to make it a whole.

    Another perspective: the whole is different in everyone's imagination.
    A whole that looks Complete and has a reference and meaning for one,
    May just be a part of another's puzzle.

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