Thursday, September 24, 2015

Data, Information and Knowledge

The words are usually used interchangeably.

Over the years studying, reading and learning about technology there are definitions for data and information but nothing about knowledge.

Data: is everything u can collect about everything.

Information: processing the data and extracting useful information.

Knowledge: This is where the real meat of the content is. Knowledge is something that u have learned from experience.

A great scientist once said "In theory, Practice is the same as theory, But not in practice".
Taking that and other experiences into account, in theory u can learn any skill that u want. Lets take the example of archery. U can study a ton about it. It should seem simple once u have read enough material on the topic. However, when u actually draw the bow and release the arrow there are so many other variables that u need to take into account that it suddenly becomes very hard. Over time with practice u train ur mind to account for those variables and that is how u improve at something practically.

Another example is Information about a location. U can see everything online, read about the places and gather everything u can about it. Until u actually visit the place u will not experience the hardships/joys of the location.

Based on the examples above, my hope is the definition of knowledge is a little clearer to u.  


  1. Google Vault - Learns from experience not just from itself but everything! :P

    Thanks to folks from CMU

  2. 1. Information is processed data whereas knowledge is information that is modeled to be useful.
    2. You need information to be able to get knowledge.
    3. Information deals with the way data is related while knowledge examines patterns within a given set of information.
    4. To get knowledge you need some cognitive and analytical ability while for information you do not need cognitive ability.

  3. Image at this page explains relation: Ref:

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