Thursday, September 10, 2015

Talk all the time but dont say anything

This is a direct quote from Doctor Who and star trek

The sentence is so simple but think of the depth it has. The implication is u can spend a ton of time with someone but not know anything about who they are. U have created an image in ur mind based on ur interactions with the person. But everyone is defined by their past experiences. No matter how much we try to escape it the experiences we have had will define how we react to similar situations in the future.

The best example of this is Pavlov's Dogs:
Every time a bell was rung, they were fed. After a while when the bell rang they started salivating even when no food was provided.

Similarly, we keep a record of things that happen when a certain situation happens and the reaction to that will ideally be better than last time since we will try something new.

There is a reason why you watch your opponent fight before u are going to fight them keeping a track of the moves and sequence. That information will allow u to prepare counter measures. Then u train with those moves in the hope that when the time comes u will know what is the best course of action. Therefore, Practice makes perfect is truly applicable in this situation.

Coming back to the topic at hand, based on the statements made above, the person you have spent tons of time with if u know nothing about their past u dont know the person because they are talking about things like current topics. This allows for a discussion to take place and can be great for a while until one day it dawns upon u when someone asks tell me about this person and u dont know what to say.

Interesting to think about isnt it.

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