Thursday, September 24, 2015

Data, Information and Knowledge

The words are usually used interchangeably.

Over the years studying, reading and learning about technology there are definitions for data and information but nothing about knowledge.

Data: is everything u can collect about everything.

Information: processing the data and extracting useful information.

Knowledge: This is where the real meat of the content is. Knowledge is something that u have learned from experience.

A great scientist once said "In theory, Practice is the same as theory, But not in practice".
Taking that and other experiences into account, in theory u can learn any skill that u want. Lets take the example of archery. U can study a ton about it. It should seem simple once u have read enough material on the topic. However, when u actually draw the bow and release the arrow there are so many other variables that u need to take into account that it suddenly becomes very hard. Over time with practice u train ur mind to account for those variables and that is how u improve at something practically.

Another example is Information about a location. U can see everything online, read about the places and gather everything u can about it. Until u actually visit the place u will not experience the hardships/joys of the location.

Based on the examples above, my hope is the definition of knowledge is a little clearer to u.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Talk all the time but dont say anything

This is a direct quote from Doctor Who and star trek

The sentence is so simple but think of the depth it has. The implication is u can spend a ton of time with someone but not know anything about who they are. U have created an image in ur mind based on ur interactions with the person. But everyone is defined by their past experiences. No matter how much we try to escape it the experiences we have had will define how we react to similar situations in the future.

The best example of this is Pavlov's Dogs:
Every time a bell was rung, they were fed. After a while when the bell rang they started salivating even when no food was provided.

Similarly, we keep a record of things that happen when a certain situation happens and the reaction to that will ideally be better than last time since we will try something new.

There is a reason why you watch your opponent fight before u are going to fight them keeping a track of the moves and sequence. That information will allow u to prepare counter measures. Then u train with those moves in the hope that when the time comes u will know what is the best course of action. Therefore, Practice makes perfect is truly applicable in this situation.

Coming back to the topic at hand, based on the statements made above, the person you have spent tons of time with if u know nothing about their past u dont know the person because they are talking about things like current topics. This allows for a discussion to take place and can be great for a while until one day it dawns upon u when someone asks tell me about this person and u dont know what to say.

Interesting to think about isnt it.

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Origin of the word, Awe means a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. Some defined as an unspecified amount or number of. Awesome a simple combination of its 2 parts to convey a deeper meaning. In this instance it was simple to break down to work into its two parts and come to a conclusion as to how it came to be. Other words may not be as simple we will have to see.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pieces of a puzzle

The interesting part about a puzzle is u dont know what it is until u actually solve it. Each piece of the puzzle is equally important since without all the pieces u dont get to see the whole picture. On the contrary, each piece on its own means nothing if it is not part of the whole puzzle.

In the same way, if u think of life as a whole that is ur complete picture. Each memory/experience is a piece of the puzzle and each piece in turn is a puzzle of its own since a memory is comprised of associated values for our 5 senses. Eg: If u only had a scent without anything associated with it u would not care about it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Thrill is in the chase

Thrill is in the chase:

In the olden days, hunting was more a means to feeding the family. Today hunting is more a sport than a means of acquiring your next meal.

Taking that into consideration, upon reflection this applies to a lot of things and we shall discuss that another time.

As for the thrill of the chase, it is the same as saying it is about the journey and not the destination. Chasing something is the journey and achieving/capturing the goal/target is the destination. While that is great, the point I am trying to make is we enjoy the part where we chase things and this has been reflected in all the movies today where its always about someone trying to achieve something and that is what we are paying to watch. Once they achieve it the movie ends and we may or may not be left wanting more. Now coming back to the hunting example.

During the hunt you are looking for footprints, droppings, broken twigs, depressed grass etc, u no the whole tracking thing. That is way more interesting, then of course there is the actual act of capturing the target which is even more intense. Once the capture has occurred you are now looking to hunt again because, you want to enjoy the hunt.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Creation Of This Blog

Space may be the final frontier
Today(August 21, 2015) while taking a shower, i was listening to music like usual (i guess that is something i picked up from my dad) the song Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers. This one line in the song "space may be the final frontier" sparked a thought in my mind that contradicted that statement.

Space is something that we have not fully explored however, we know it is possible in practice. Famous words of a great Scientist "In theory practice is the same as theory, but not in practice". However, Time is not something we can explore in practice or at least so we think. Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist but its possible if u think about it. Therefore, i conclude Time is the final frontier and not Space.

Now the second part: "but it's made in a hollywood basement" - Just a fact that shows how far humanity has come on the technology frontier that we can simulate space in a studio here on earth. To that point, Most of the population has not really seen space from space so it could be a whole bunch of bull and no one is the wiser.

Here is how the context created above lead to the creation of this blog:

A friend of mine, his girl and I went to dinner and I brought up this thought. It lead to a very interesting discussion at the end of which he suggested I start writing this stuff down. So here we are.